Why a bra fitting is important:

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, swing by soon!

We are eager to show you how amazing a great fitting bra can be!

Most women think they are in the correct bra size. Statistics show otherwise (& so do we).

We've generated a brief quiz to see if you may need a new fitting:

1) Do you highly "dislike" your bras?

2) Do you find yourself wearing just one "favorite" everyday?

3) Does your back band ride up constantly?

4) Do you have marks on the side of your breast from the underwire?

5) Does your breast pop out of the bottom of your cup?

6) Do you have gapping in your bras?

We go beyond the measuring tape - there is no more guessing.

"I hate bra shopping", "why does my bra do this?!" "I can never find anything that's comfortable" - we've heard it (& seen it all). If this sounds anything like your bra struggles, we want you to know..........we can fix it (high five)!

  • Breast Shape: Many women are not aware of the vast difference in the shapes of breast tissue "types". Since all breast are different, all bras should be too! 70% of our customers have a shallow breast drape, which is completely different to our other customers who have a full-average projection. If you've never heard this bra "lingo" when bra shopping, you haven't been properly fitted.
  • Bra Type: So what does this mean for you? There are specific bra styles that will compliment your breast tissue beautifully. It's like this: peanut butter & jelly go together as a sandwich; well, a full coverage bra goes together with full projected breast and shallow or lace cut bras go best with a shallow drape breast. If you are wearing a full coverage t-shirt bra, but you have shallow breast, this is where gapping happens.
  • Bra Tips: You should always buy & wear a bra on the loosest hook-and-eye; as the bra stretches due to normal wear and washing, then adjust as needed. Never dry or hang your bras to dry - the weight of the water still in your bra will cause your band to stretch faster, lay them out to dry. And our fave, always "swoop & scoop" as pictured above. This method allows your tissue to always sit properly and fully in the cup.

When your bra shopping in the retail stores, most of the above is not explained or mentioned, which is why so many of us have gone so long highly disliking our bra drawer; we've never properly been shown these things. Wearing an ill fitted bra causes so much frustration, most common, bra "gapping". This is no fun - then you start layering clothes to hide the imperfections of your bra, stop the sillyness!  That's where we come to rescue you and bring you to the land of "bra love" again. Yes; it's true, you can actually love bra shopping. We hope we've enlightened you a bit to come check out San Antonio's bra boutique and get your "bosom buddies" looking great again.