The Bra Box

The Personal Fitting You Never Knew Existed - but you ultimately needed. Statics are true, 9 -out-of-10 women are either wearing the wrong size or the wrong style bra. Wearing a well-fitted bra can boost confidence and can be a game changer in outfits; - not too mention, helps posture.

How The Bra Box was created -

After 10yrs of fitting women for post-mastectomy bras and breast forms for a leading mastectomy boutique in San Antonio, I saw the need for proper bra support and fittings and decided it was time to "support" women of all sizes and open The Bra Box boutique.

I did go back into "corporate America" for about 3 months and realized I needed to be back in the bra scene-this is where my heart is. While over the past years I have built beautiful relationships with my customers, learned how to understand patience on all levels, help give back a piece of self esteem, especially those who are undergoing breast cancer treatment, I have grown to love what I do; every year I love it more! To some, a Monday - Friday is a job; but to me, it's fun, rewarding and my passion for the comfort and before/afters of a women's bra fitting is priceless!

I've heard it way too often "I hate my bra", "it rides up", "there's nothing pretty in my size" or "I can never find my size!" Those are the taunting words that make bra shopping a hassle for most! Mix that with my bra passion and experience (and a lot of support and encouragement) and this is how THE Bra BOX was created!

It is my obligation and passion to continue to search high and low, left to right and up and down to make sure we offer a wide range of products to fit everyone's wardrobe. We will continue to add products as our customer database grows and as we receive feedback from our loyal customers, because ultimately without you, i'm just a gal with a measuring tape. ​

No more malls, bouncing from store-to-store & no more guessing your size. You've found your way to the The Bra Box and we're excited to meet you!

We're the only bra boutique in San Antonio; we're a store that offers more than just a smile and bras;

we offer our experience, our knowledge, but more importantly, our passion. Helping you feel great, look fabulous or just feel comfy and finding that right support in any undergarment is our goal. We understand every breast tissue is different, which leads us to offer different brands, styles & sizes.

We have a passion

for supporting you!

Visit us for your next professional fitting to see why we are considered San Antonio's preferred bra boutique.

Shop with confidence and options

with your very own personal Certified Fitting Consultant